Landlords Rent Guarantee Insurance

3XD's Landlords Rent Guarantee Insurance provides cover for rent arrears owed by tenants, up to £15,000.

As part of our continued efforts to support you with the best possible products and services, we provide this cover option for as little as £6.00* per month (inc. IPT).

What is covered? Landlords Rent Guarantee Insurance

Rent arrears owed by the tenant for:

• Up to £2,500 per month

• Up to 6 months

* Legal Expenses Insurance is automatically provided with Rent Guarantee Insurance (£8.50 per month inc. IPT).

If the Tenancy Agreement commenced prior to the policy incepting (whether that be 2 days or 5 months), there is a 90 day waiting period (unless the landlord has continuous previous insurance), and cover is subject to having a complete Tenant Reference credit check on the tenant (and guarantor if required).

A full list of the policy exclusions is contained within the Policy Document, which is available upon request.